CHURUMURI POLL: Have the docs won the war?

The notice issued by the Supreme Court to the Centre yesterday asking it to explain the rationale behind its classification of a mass of citizens as OBCs, and the President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's advice today to keep the creamy layer out of the purview of reservations, throws up an interesting question: have the protestors won the first round of the war—even if they lose the eventual battle?

With the SC threatening to slap contempt of court proceedings, the protestors are likely to call off their stir. But by keep their strike on all these days, despite the threats and the carrots, have the striking doctors and students succeeded in convincing the nation of the case against caste-based reservations?

Will the focus and singlemindedness of the medical fraternity in chasing their objective set the tone for all future mass protests? Who has succeeded in convincing you more of the case for and against reservation: an unrepentent government or the strikers?