Should we have AIDS warnings on-screen?

The Union health and family welfare minister, Dr Anbumani Ramadoss, has disputed UNAIDS figures that put India on top of the AIDS pile with 5.7 million affected people overtaking the 5.5 million in South Africa.

Dr Ramadoss, the man who took his father's (and their PMK party's) antipathy for Rajnikanth to a whole new level by ordering on-screen statutory warnings each time somebody took a puff, says a study last year (in which UNAIDS had participated) had shown the number of AIDS-affected to be 5.206 million.

What's a couple of million this side, that side when it comes to a killer disease? The more important question is this: since death due to AIDS is more certain, shouldn't Dr Ramadoss be pressing for on-screeen warnings each time chemistry is about to happen and the juices are about to flow? And how would such a warning read?