CHURUMURI POLL: Should POTA be reintroduced?

Yesterday's failed attack on the RSS headquarters in Nagpur only underlines the obvious. That terror is not just at our borders but is now at our doorstep. Tempes (Varanasi, Ayodhya, Akshardham), mosques (Old Delhi), tourist spots (Kashmir, Bombay), shopping markets and malls (New Delhi), scientific laboratories (Bangalore)… have all been targeted since the attack on Parliament.

Questions: If America hasn't had a single attack on its soil since 9/11, why does terror continue to stare us from every nook and corner, every single day? Are we too lax in our immigration, intelligence and surveillance laws? Are we not spending on manpower and equipment? Has the removal of POTA by the UPA government helped terror to take root? Should POTA be reintroduced?