BREAKING NEWS: Rahul Mahajan critical, stable

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Pramod Mahajan's son Rahul Mahajan is critical but stable at the Apollo Hospital in Delhi after suspected "food poisoning" last night. Doctors say Rahul Mahajan is on ventilator support, and the next 24 hours are crucial.

All the news channels are reporting that a drug overdose is not being ruled out but Mahajan's doctor says the 31-year-old ex-pilot, who was being groomed by the BJP for a political role, was on anti-depressants since his father's death.

Pramod Mahajan's secretary Vivek Moitra, from whose pocket opiate substances were recovered, has died, but the three guests who were with them are missing.

Members of the Mahajan household in Delhi, who brought the two to hospital at around 3.15 am, say they did not hear of any altercation. They responded when Rahul called out to them and said he was feeling unwell. Both Rahul and Moitra vomitted at home; Moitra was declared dead on arrival. The servants are being interrogated.

Delhi police say they found a "white substance" at his residence along with two bottles of champagne. But forensic experts say the evidence at the Mahajan residence on Delhi's Safdarjung Road had been tampered with—whether by accident or intent, it is unclear—before they could arrive, making it difficult to investigate.

CNN-IBN's Bhupendra Chaubey said, live on-air and unprompted, that he had received an SMS from a highly-placed intelligence bureau source saying the white substance was cocaine. But forensic experts say it is too early to confirm a drug overdose.

Times Now is quoting doctor Dr Harsh Vardhan, a former BJP minister in Delhi, as saying that alcohol in such a small volume could not have caused Moitra's death. So, that leaves us with two causes: a drug overdose or a conspiracy. If it is the latter, why?

CNN-IBN is reporting that all the three guests were "very closely acquainted" with the Mahajan family. Apparently, Moitra had let the security guards at the gate to let them in. The guests came in, stayed for a while, went out, and then returned again.

One of them has reportedly been detained and is being questioned. Police are probing the phone calls made by Mahajan junior, including one to Nitin Goyal, a property dealer in Ghaziabad, on the outskirts of Delhi.

Rahul Mahajan was due to fly to Guwahati to immerse his father's ashes tomorrow. Pramod Mahajan, who was shot by his brother Pravin Mahajan, died after a long battle for his life on May 3. He had attended the BJP national executive meeting earlier this week and was being tipped to join the BJP yuva morcha.


Spare a thought for Pramod Mahajan's mother: one son dead, one son in jail, and a grandson battling for his life.