‘Rahul used a 500-rupee note to line the dope’

NDTV’s Siddharth Pandey has just met the three men who were with Rahul Mahajan and Vivek Moitra last night and got them to narrate their version of what happened on camera.

The three young men—Rahul, Karan and Tishay—are in their mid-20s. They went to the 7, Safdarjung Road residence of Mahajan around 11.30 pm.

Pandey says the three have vouched they are not drug suppliers. A fourth person, Sahil, a mutual friend from Bombay is said to have taken the other three along, promising them to get them to meet somebody powerful, presumably Rahul Mahajan.

Once they reached the house, Sahil went into a room where Mahajan and Moitra are sitting. He comes out and says to the other three, “They’ve gone mad, they’ve gone mad. They want the stuff.” 

The four men then drive out to Vasant Vihar, about 5 km away. The three men NDTV has met claim they don't do drugs themselves; one of them says he hadn’t even touched alcohol. One of them develops cold feet and gets off.

Sahil makes contact on his phone. A dealer gets into the car, a bundle of Rs 15,000 is given, and a packet is delivered. This contains cocaine, which is handed over to Mahajan and Moitra.

According to Pandey, Mahajan was the first to line up the cocaine, and he did so with a 500-rupee note!

From here on, things take a turn for the worse. Moitra starts frothing at the mouth. Mahajan goes into some kind of deep sleep. The young men panic. They call the house servants, and they along with Mahajan’s drivers shift the two to hospital.

The three men, terrified of what happened lie low low all day. Finally, they narrate their story to NDTV. They are now are now being interrogated at the Mandir Marg police station in Delhi, although the original case is registered in a different station.