RAHUL MAHAJAN: 20 Unanswered Questions

20) Is this a case of drug overdose, a criminal conspiracy to eliminate those who knew too much, or a suicide attempt by those weighed down by what they knew and what they had to deal with for the rest of their lives?

19) Is this week's incident related to the shooting of Pramod Mahajan, by his younger brother Pravin Mahajan? Is it true that when Pravin heard of the latest incident, his  reaction, as reported by The Telegraph today, was to say that "this had to happen"? Why had this to happen?

18) If Sahil Zaroo too suffered the same after-effects of consumption of the "white powder" as Rahul Mahajan and Vivek Moitra and had to be hospitalised, how did he come out of it so quickly? And if he was a party to a crime, why would he come back to the Mahajan household, only to find them unconscious?

17) Who instructed the servants at the Mahajan household to clean up the scene of the crime before the police arrived after Mahajan and Moitra had been taken to hospital? Was it Pramod Mahajan's close pal, Sudhanshu Mittal?

Was it done out of ignorance or with a deliberate desire to wipe out incriminating evidence? Or did he ask the staff to bring whatever they could find—including the white powder–to help the doctors decide the line of treatment? Was this then planted in Moitra's pocket to nail a dead man?

16) Is it true that there was a major altercation involving Rahul Mahajan and Vivek Moitra on one side, and some unknown, unidentified people the previous evening? Did this have a bearing on what happened on Thursday night/Friday morning?

15) Is it really possible to kill people with a champagne + cocaine mix, given the mildness of champagne and given the quantity of cocaine used by the two, as evidenced by Mahajan's blood test?

14) If Rahul Mahajan did snort cocaine with a 500-rupee note, as admitted by the three boys, Rahul Malhotra, Karan Ahuja and Trishya Khanna, how come no trace of cocaine was found in the tests done by Apollo hospital?

13) Who called the drug-dealer before they reached Vasant Vihar? Was it Saahil Zaroo? How did he know the number if he didn't do drugs, as claimed by his lawyer? Did Vivek Moitra call the drug-dealer and tell him that somebody was coming to pick up the dope?

12) If indeed it was a case of poisoning, as alleged by Gopinath Munde, what is the statistical chance that the people behind it would ensure that there were three, if not four, witnesses to the crime? Were they deliberately introduced into the scene as a red-herring?

11) If indeed it was a case of poisoning, what is the statistical chance that the drug-dealer whom Sahil or Moitra contacted at that late hour would be trying to pass off "bad" dope just to these people?

10) If Vivek Moitra knew the dealer, there would have been an element of trust between them. Would such a dealer have passed off "bad" dope to an influential buyer who could come back and who could introduce to even more high-profile customers?

9) On the other hand, was this just a well-orchestrated suicide attempt complete with witnesses which worked in the case of Moitra but failed in the of Mahajan? If so, what did Moitra know that was so damaging? To whom?

8) Why has it taken four days for Moitra's post-mortem report and cause of death to be made public?

7) Who took Mahajan and Moitra to hospital? The three boys say they did. Pramod Mahajan's Man Friday, Sudhanshu Mittal, says they were nowhere in the picture and that the servants and driver Ganesh shifted them. Now that the counsel for the boys has also changed tack, why did the boys lie?

6) Why did the boys submit themselves to the farther away Mandir Marg Police and not to the police under whose jurisidiction Safdarjung Road lies?  

5) Who instructed whoever it was who shifted Mahajan and Moitra, to take them to Apollo Hospital, which is at least 8 km from 7, Safdarjung Road, and not to AIIMS, which is just 2 km away? (Remember, Indira Gandhi who lived on the same road, was shifted here on October 31, 1984 after being shot.)

4) By asserting that there was no trace of cocaine in Mahajan's blood samples, by refusing to let the police meet him, is Apollo Hospital party to a cover-up? If so, is it payback time for its founder Pratap Reddy, who was honoured with the Padma Bhushan by the NDA regime?

3) Is it just an accident that the three boys first and then the fourth both first recorded their versions of what happened before a TV crew before turning themselves in to the police?

2) Who? If it was a conspiracy to finish them off, who were behind it—corporate houses, property dealers, political enemies, people with whom Pramod Mahajan had parked  money, who? And why is Mahajan's other secretary Harish Sharma playing so difficult to get?

1) Why? If it was a suicide atempt, what did Moitra and Mahajan know that they couldn't live with? And why did only Moitra perish in the event? Why would do they choose to do it the day before Mahajan was to immerse his father's ashes in the Brahmaputra and the day before Mahajan was to have joined the BJP in Guwahati?

And finally: Is the Congress sitting on a mountain of potentially damaging information, starting with the confession by Pravin Mahajan within moments of shooting Pramod Mahajan, and now this, that could blow apart the BJP? And is this why the BJP after trying to welcome Rahul Mahajan into the "parivar", is now distancing itself, calling it a "family affair"?