CHURUMURI POLL: Do you trust private hospitals?

With ill-equipped government-run hospitals turning out to be dens of corruption and inefficiency, "We, the People" were driven to private clinics, nursing homes and hospitals. The underlying assumption was that they would be cleaner, better equipped, better staffed and, on the whole, more trustworthy, albeit for a few rupees more.

But the Rahul MahajanVivek Moitra case turns the spotlight on the real state of private hospitals. The waffling of the doctors, the contradictory reports that they have submitted, the obstruction of justice all point to a tendency to play along. Other controversies like the V. Chandrashekhar case and the 'Murasoli' Maran case only muddy the picture even more.

Questions: Are private hospitals betraying the trust of the people? Are super-speciality hospitals with their own sophisticated corruption (one Delhi hospital Delhi charges Rs 25 lakh for a post-graduate job; upto Rs 1 crore for a room with a name-plate) just a big business? If they can tailor reports to meet specific needs, can we trust them with our lives? Or, are we being cruel and presumptuous?