GUARANTEED: A story Arjun Singh won’t like

The conventional wisdom is that Bihar is a poor, hapless State. The conventional wisdom that Dalits are a lazy, unenterprising, illiterate lot, forever lunging at the loaves of freebies thrown at them by vote-hungry politicians. And the conventional wisdom is that the IITs and IIMs are such tough places that even the few Dalits who manage to sneak through the JEE drop out a year or so later.

Wrong, wrong and wrong. Respectively. CNN-IBN has this wonderful story from village Patwatoli in Lalu Prasad country, which boasts of not one but 48 IITians. There is no electricity in the village at night, but the seniors coach the aspirants. Of course, it's an exception not the rule, but why does not Arjun Singh seek to create the conditions that will allow exceptions to flower, instead of ramming in a rule?