BREAKING NEWS: Natwar’s son got Rs 19.8 lakh

Under the rubric "Thieves of Baghdad", CNN-IBN is reporting just now that it has cracked the oil-for-food scandal that led to the resignation of Natwar Singh from the Union cabinet.

According to it, Andaleeb Sehgal, a relative of Singh, got Rs 30.14 lakh from the deal; a company called Coburg, allegedly owned by the former foreign minister's son Jagat Singh got Rs 19.8 lakh; Aditya Khanna, a London restaurateur got Rs 8 lakh; and a London lawyer called John Ball got Rs 6.38 lakh.

The monies were all credited to the Barclays Bank in Jersey Island, UK. Andaleeb Sehgal picked up 3 million barrels of oil from Iraq following two letters of introduction written to then Iraqi foreign minister Tariq Aziz by Natwar.