SONIA GANDHI: Is the mask about to fall (again)?

In news just coming in, Union petroleum minister Murli Deora is to meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi this evening on the issue of the fuel price hike. NDTV is reporting that she has "summoned" him to come. For all the spin about division of duties—that Sonia looks after the party and the prime minister looks after the government—is this proof that it is 10, Janpath that really calls the shots over and above the head of Manmohan Singh? Or is Deora only meeting  her to convince her of the rationale behind the hike given that sections of the Congress, too, are opposing it along with the Left and the BJP? If there is a rollback, will she take all the credit leaving Manmohan and Union finance minister P. Chidambaram to be the villains of the piece?

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