Cowboys, by their definition, are Hindu heroes

In an extraordinary and controversial move, the Bharatiya Janata Party has announced a "scheme" for brave Kashmiri civilians who don't mind bloodying their hands in the ending the continuing militant crisis.

Kill a Kashmiri "rebel", and you will pocket Rs one lakh. Kill two, and you will get Rs 2 lakh. Kill three, and you will get Rs 3 lakh. Etcetera. Get the idea? And if the civilian gets killed in the process, don't worry, the BJP will give Rs 2 lakh to his (or her) family!

Admittedly, the rewards scheme, announced by Vinay Katiyar, the man who lost his deposit against Sonia Gandhi in Rae Bareli, is open to all: Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists. And, admittedly, it is open to members of all parties: BJP, Congress, National Conference.

Still, is this—taking the law and the gun in your own hands and turning the Valley into a Wild West—the BJP's magic solution to fighting the insurgent menace in Kashmir?