Should President Kalam take a bus ride next?

OK. Let's say the obvious things about the President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's 30-minute sortie on the Sukhoi 30-MKI. Yes, he realised a childhood dream after 50 years. Yes, it is a matter of pride that at the age of 75, we have a supreme commander fit enough to fly 7 kilometres above earth in a supersonic fighter aircraft. Yes, it is a real privilege to become the oldest Indian and the first President to do so.  

But Star News is angry at the President's Sukhoi caper. Its anchor and reporters thundered away that money was wasted on the airshow and the flight, on a day when another MiG fighter aircraft had crashed. Its reporters, doing piece-to-cameras from a bus and a train, said that the President would have done better to have ridden a suburban train or public bus to experience what commuters suffered.

What do you think? Was the President's flight a good, positive thing, something that will encourage youngsters to join the armed forces? Or was it just a nice photo-op for the Indian Air Force that is battling a severe crisis of credibility on the MiG issue?