Are cell phone users the most obnoxious humans?

As someone who doesn’t use a cell phone because there is nothing so urgent in life that it cannot wait a few minutes, this video of “Bus Uncle”, a Hong Konger who curses, rages, rants, taunts, threatens and upbraids a young man who had the temerity to ask him to keep his voice down, is mighty revealing of what mobile phones are doing inside our skulls: erasing what little civility is left in us and removing the distinction between private and public.

The infamous “Bus Uncle” episode—starring (obviously) a loudmouthed 51-year-old politician and a 23-year-old real estate agent—has also prompted an op-ed piece in The Washington Post:

Questions: Is there no getting away from the menace of mobiles? What is the best way of getting mobile freaks to shut up? Or is it OK to shout at the top of your voice? Should we have cellphone sections in buses, trains and other public places? Or does anything pass?