CHURUMURI POLL: Is UPA targetting the Big B?

First, there was the alleged IT notice to Amitabh Bachchan when he was lying in a hospital bed, shortly after Rahul Gandhi had launched into him. Then, there was the speed with which the disqualification petition against Jaya Bachchan was entertained for holding an office of profit. Now, there is the alleged IT notice to the Big B again for the Rs 2.7 lakh sunglasses he bought and wore in Zamanat, and later donated to its director, S. Ramanathan.

Questions: When there are tens of more pressing issues facing it, is the UPA government deliberately targetting the Bachchans, as alleged by the Samajwadi Party? Is the Big B paying a price for his proximity to the SP and of which his wife is a Rajya Sabha member? Or, since the IT department has denied issuing the notices, are the Bachchans and their media minders playing mischief? What really has caused such a deep rift between India's premier political and film families?