Do Gujarati girls need parents’ OK to fall in love?

The social engineering in the great laboratory that is Gujarat continues unabated. This time, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) wants the Narendra Modi government to make a law that will make it mandatory for the girl’s parents to be present at all “love marriages”.

The provocation is a nikaah involving 23-year-old Hetal Dave, an MA student, and 25-year-old Allauddin, a courier company worker, without the knowledge of the former’s parents. The girl and her parents claim the boy abducted her and forcibly married her, before she was dramatically “rescued” by the police and the VHP.

Now, the president of the dharam prasar division of the VHP, Babu Bajrangi, says Modi should come up with a law to prevent love marriages unless the girl’s parents are not present.

Questions: Should the government oblige? Should the girl’s parents be present? Why not the boy’s? Will this such a law thwart the intentions of lovers? Will a law like this further divide Hindus and Muslims? Is it any business of the VHP or any organisation when it comes to a matter of the heart?