URGENT: Send your best wishes to the IT gooks

Up until yesterday when we ran this, there were still some people out there willing to give the benefit of doubt to the Income-Tax department: maybe they were doing their duty,  after all. But the news today that the IT department has sent a notice to Jaya Bachchan for not filing her returns, not last year, or the year before. or the year before that, but in 1994—exactly 12 years ago—means that the UPA government isn't even trying to put up a pretence.

Since when did the IT department get so efficient? What were they doing all this while? How many other 12-year-old cases are they digging up? What kind of vendetta is this? And, pardon the French, who are the idiots behind this?

Please send them your best wishes and through them to their bosses and their masters.