I WANT TO… just call their bluff

“I want to rid the world of AIDS.”

“I want to make the Leaning Tower of Pisa straight.”

“I want to set up the world’s biggest business, in India.”

“I want to paint the town red.”

Will all those sick of Amity University’s commercials on all the TV channels please put their hands up?

Isn’t this the same Amity which bought up every available copy of Tehelka when they ran a negative story? Isn’t this the same Amity where the scam-tainted Mysore University vice-chancellor S.N. Hegde is now steaming his kadabu?

Where the hell does Amity get the dough to carpet-bomb viewers (and potential students) for months on end like this?

Also see:meaindia.nic.in/parliament/rs/2005/05/12rs07.htm