They have no business poking their heads. Do we?

Last week, BJP president Rajnath Singh, during Nepal Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala's visit, expressed dissatisfaction over the "tiny Himalayan kingdom" deciding to become a secular democracy by overturning the monarchy.

"We have expressed our concerns about Nepal's decision to become a secular nation," Singh said. "Along with the growth of democracy, constitutional monarchy should be continued as it is an integral part of its unique social identity, tradition and culture."

Today, the former BJP president Lal Krishna Advani has condemned the demolition of the Krishna Mandir in Lahore—the last Hindu temple in that city—to make way for a commercial building in its place.

Advani who had only last year been invited to Pakistan to inaugurate a project for the restoration of ancient temples in that country, expressed surprise that the Evacuee Trust Property Board had allowed a jeweller to demolish the temple.

"I strongly condemn the demolition. This latest happening has naturally shocked millions in our country," Advani said.

Questions: Are you among Advani's millions? Is the BJP merely posturing and saying the kind of things its core constituents would like to hear? Is it any of our business what independent countries do? Or are we all connected? How would you like it if Nepal or Pakistan commented on our affairs? Do positions like these only end up buttressing India's reputation as a South Asian "big brother"?