TN’s young ministers are feathering their nests

They were seen to the great white hope of the future: Dayanidhi Maran and Anbumani Ramadoss. Young, bright and pedigreed, they were supposed to show to a polity full of geriatrics, the power of the youth. But have M/s Maran and Ramadoss lost the plot?

All we see the DMK man doing is pushing, promoting and projecting his home-State (and home-businesses, as the row over the Tata DTH project shows). And all we see the PMK man doing is pushing the envelope on issues close to his (and his father S. Ramadoss's) heart like banning smoking on screen or asking the stars to stay off soft drinks' endorsements.

In now trying to meddle with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, is the young doctor displaying an arrogant abuse of power that could ruin India's premier medicla institution?

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There is also the other view: