CHURUMURI POLL: Should Army Vice Chief quit?

The repercussions of the suicide of Lt Sushmita Chakraborty, the woman army officer who committed suicide Udhampur on Thursday continue to be felt. Grave questions are now being asked of the gender equality in the armed forces, of the disparity of minimum standards leading to resentment, etc.

Over and above all that is the reported statement of the Vice Chief of the Army Staff, Lt Gen G. Pattabhiraman, that the "Army can do without women", a comment that the Army denies vehemently, but which hasn't stopped the BJP leader Sushma Swaraj (who as I&B ministre advocated a dress code for women news readers) from calling for his suspension.

Questions: Is too much being made of a random incident or has the Indian Army become a male bastion opposed to the invasion of women? Is the government doing enough to woo women into the Army or is it just tokenism? Should the Army Vice Chief quit as demanded by Sushma Swaraj? Or are we just trying to find a convenient scapegoat instead of addressing the core problem?