disgusted. afflicted. literate. intelligent. talented

S.S. KARNADSHA, during his peregrinations in the pathways of power and pelf in Bangalore, chanced upon a copy of a weekly newspaper called 'KARNATAKA CORRIDOR' circulated mostly in the Vidhana Soudha and its environs.

Edited by Vishwanath Bhagawat, the May 15 issue carries this purported quote of Shankar Dayal Sharma, the former president of India:

"The quota system may have taken away posts from Brahmins. No one could take away brains from Brahmins."

'Karnataka Corridor' then announces the formation of an organisation to safeguard the interests of "Dalit Brahmins". Dalits, in this case, standing for "Disgusted, Afflicted, Literate, Intelligent, Talented."

"Talented Brahmins who need any kind of assistance may
contact: 94483 6***6," exhorts the ad.

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