Left or right, Sunday is the day to ‘learn’

Miracles never cease in Indian politics. And Sunday was a good day to see why. First Atal Behari Vajpayee asked his partymen to "learn from the communists" the art of getting re-elected to power.

"It's true that the way communist parties are moving ahead fast (sic), we should not ape them but we should learn the art of getting renewal of mandate for our government (sic)," the former prime minister said.

At the other end of political spectrum, the Left parties were yesterday exhorting naxalites in the country to, yes, learn from the Maoists in Nepal.

"The concept of power through bullet has been repudiated in the kingdom with the Maoists virtually agreeing to join the struggle for power in a 'competitive parliamentary democracy," Left leaders said. "The accord in Nepal will have ideological repercussions on extremist elements everywhere."