Ghoos lene ke liye to haath turant nikalta hai; bus ka number likhne me kya taklif hoti hai (your hands are ever ready to reach out for a bribe; why are you so shy of taking down the number of a bus)?”

Uttered by Sonia Karwalia, a 25-year-old cyclist who has represented Bengal in the nationals, who yesterday punched a traffic constable in Calcutta for refusing to take down the number of a city bus that hit her scooter and nearly killed her.

“She grabbed one of the policemen by his leather straps and shook him vigorously. Then she punched him,” an eye-witness said. As the other constable stepped forward, Sonia warned him: “You stay where you are; let me sort this out.”


Questions: Was Sonia wrong in taking the law in her hands, of slapping someone in his vardi? Or is this the only way of getting things right, of being the change we want to see in our lives, in our country?