CHURUMURI POLL: Are we a very rude people?

The Reader's Digest survey that ranks Bombay as the rudest City in the 35 countries where the magazine is published, rips off one of India's (and indeed Asia's) greatest claims to fame: that we are imbued with a certain set of values, much of it traceable to the religions we practice, that makes us kindler and gentler than the material West. Not only has urbs prima indus emerged the last in the three tests done by RD, but seven of the 10 lowest-scoring countries were Asian.

Questions: Are we a ruder nation than we would care to admit? Is this survey just a reflection of big, bad Bombay or is it a nationwide phenomenon? Is RD, an unashamed mouthpiece of the church, pitting Christian values against "Asian Values"? What is making us ruder than westerners? Poverty, failure, frustration, the desire to get ahead at all costs, what? Is being rude such a bad thing if it can channelise our energies to achieve our goals? What is the rudest thing you have done? What is the rudest thing you have seen, heard or done to you?