CHURMURI POLL: Is the Army in a mess?

Tehelka with the strong stench of corruption isn't the only kalank on the Indian Army. There is the suicide of Lt. Sushmita Chakraborty. The Air Force was rocked by the Anjali Gupta case last year. All year round, there are cases of unruly behaviour of jawans on trains from here and there. As if all that weren't enough, the CBI today raided 17 places in four cities today in connection with the 'Navy War Room' leak.

Questions: Are the Army, the Navy and the Air Force in a mess and fast losing their credibility? Are our defence forces no longer the citadels of good conduct that they were? Are our men in uniform no longer different from "civilians"? Who is responsible for the plunging standards of personal and professional conduct? Is the politicisation of the armed forces taking its toll? How can this be set right? Who should set this right?