‘Football is to cricket what Lata was to MS’

Yes, football is more global. Yes, it is more popular. Yes, it is quicker. Yes, it's more exciting. Yes, it is simpler with fewer rules and add-ons. But, argues Ramachandra Guha in today's Telegraph, Calcutta, there is something to cricket that makes it the most subtle and sophisticated game known to humans. Football is to cricket what Lata Mangeshkar was to M.S. Subbulakshmi.

"Football is a very graceful and fluid game. It is beautiful, as was Lata’s voice. It is hugely popular, as was Lata in her time. Still, for subtlety and sophistication one must award the palm to cricket. Its variability and unpredictability are that of life itself. That physical fitness is not crucial to success makes it more wondrous, that it is vulnerable to the weather and not standardized makes it more enchanting. That is why it has produced so much more great literature than any other sport. (Can there, will there, ever be a footballing Beyond a Boundary?)"