Will those sick of Sidhu put their hands up?

Sunita Narain, the fiesty chief of the Centre for Science and Environment, who revealed the pesticide content in our soft drinks and mineral water brands, has this comment in her 'Down to Earth' column in Business Standard (June20):

"Railway Minister Lalu Prasad and former cricketer Navjot Sindh Sidhu are the clowns of Indian politics. But with a difference. Sidhu led the protest for the BJP agaisnt the fuel price hike by riding an elephant. Effective but clearly stupid. Do excuse my intemperate language, but the gall of the politicians to believe we are myopic and their complete lack of leadership in this time of crisis makes me mad."

Sunita is talking of one instance, but are there others out there sick and tired, if not plain disgusted, with the antics and buffoonery of the honourable Member of Parliament from Amritsar on primetime television? Yes, our politicians ought to have a sense of humour, but all year long and in this manner? Does it lower the dignity of Parliament? Or are we being just too peevish?