It’s not the money, stupid, it’s the will to win

M.J. Akbar, writer extraordinaire, says in the Asian Age that little Togo’s showing in the FIFA World Cup erases all excuses for India’s no show.

How small is Togo’s economy? Its growth rate in 2005 was 1% and its GDP just under two billion dollars. Ivory Coast had the same non-growth rate, and a GDP of $16.5 billion. Paraguay’s economy grew at 2.7% and had a GDP of $7.2 billion. Ghana was in single figures as well, with a GDP of $9.4 billion and a growth rate of 4.3%. Don’t doubt these statistics. They are from the CIA’s World Factbook. One squeak and you could end up in Guantanamo Bay…

Compare with booming bursting buzzing blazing buoyant India. India’s GDP is $720 billion, its purchasing power parity over three trillion dollars, its growth rate 7.6% and its population over one billion. The population of the other countries would lie unnoticed in an Indian district, and the Togoans could be fitted comfortably into a satellite town of Delhi….

It’s not the money, stupid. It’s the will. Without the will there will never come the power.

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