CHURUMURI POLL: Is it all over for Sania Mirza?

The defeat of Sania Mirza in the first round of the 2006 Wimbledon tournament last night, on top of the second round crash out of the Australian Open, lobs a question that has been on most thinking people’s minds: has the on-court magic of the oomphy Hyderabad lass vanished for good? Admittedly, Sania who has been battling injury for some while, played with strappings on her right elbow as well both her ankles yesterday.

Still, with a 4th round appearance in the US Open being the furthest she has gone in a Grand Slam tournament in the last two years, the question is: have her opponents worked her out after her initial blitz? Is injury caused by poor fitness the cause, or is she too distracted by all her various commitments, too weighed down by expectations? She is still at a very respectable 38 on the WTA rankings, but at this rate will she ever win a Grand Slam title?