Elephants, snakecharmers and now… Hanuman

From Scott Adams‘ blog: 


“Thousands of people are queuing up to worship a man with a 13 inch tail in India. Chandre Oram, from Alipurduar in West Bengal, is regarded as an incarnation of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman.

“Oram also loves climbing trees and eating bananas, according to the Press Trust of India. He said: “People have a lot of faith in me. They are cured of severe ailments when they touch my tail. I believe I can do a lot of good to those who come to me with devotion.”

“However, doctors say his tail is a rare but known congenital defect and that he is not a god. Although it has made Oram an object of devotion, it has also brought him some problems.

“He added: “Almost 20 women have turned down marriage proposals. They see me and agree, but as soon as I turn around, they see my tail and leave: “I have decided to marry the woman who accepts me and my tail. Or else, I’ll remain a bachelor like Hanuman.”

“Doctors have offered to remove the tail surgically but Oram has refused their help. His sister Rekha said: “He will not survive without his tail. It has become part of his being, his existence.”