How a mellifluous genius relaxes at Rush Hour

The Carnatic music maestro Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna has given an interview to Monika Joshi of the New York-based community newspaper, India Abroad. And like his voice and singing style, Balamurali is unorthodox and unconventional about how to spend his spare time:

Monika Joshi: How do you relax?

Balamurali Krishna: Mainly, I like to relax in a casino. Or by watching dishum-dishum movies…. I don’t want to know who is fighting. I don’t want to know the name of the movie. I just enjoy the action.

A relaxation for a person involves being something else than what he is. A cook cannot relax by enjoying his food. Likewise, if anybody comes and talks to me and asks me about music, I don’t get any recreation.

I have not gone to school in life; I lost my childhood (Balamurali Krishna lost his mother when he was 15 days old and his mother’s elder sister raised him). Therefore, I like to play with children. I want to fall down. I want to jump. I want to climb a tree…