Chandana, the Kannada television channel of Doordarshan, is in an absolute mess. Its programmes are not a patch on the private Kannada channels. Its production quality is pathetic. Its content is disgraceful for what is supposed to be a mouthpiece of Kannada arts, letters and culture. And it has long since abandoned its claims to be a public service broadcaster.

Worse, it is a hothouse of sycophancy and corruption. Doordarshan officials who are supposed to be running the show behind the scenes, are only too happy to have their faces shown, as if it is their private fiefdom. And its officials are bending backwards to serve as lackeys and factotums of politicians, bureaucrats and police officers.

The tragedy is that all this is happening with your money. It’s your money that is keeping Chandana alive. It’s your money that is underwriting the salaries of the officials, clerks and so-called creative people. And it’s with your money that Chandana manages to serve up such bilge, such crap.

Now is the chance to speak up. Join the churumuri campaign. Tell us if you ever feel like watching it. Tell us what you think of its offerings. Tell us of how your hopes and expectations have been belied by the channel. Tell us how angry you get. We will ensure that your opinion reaches the ears of those who can set right the shambles.