CHURUMURI POLL: Ban private tuitions?

The Right to Education bill being drafted by the Human Resource Development ministry of Arjun Singh proposes a ban on school teachers from giving lessons outside the classroom. The move comes against the backdrop of growing complaints that teachers are neglecting classes, for which they are paid, and concentrating on private tuitions, through which they can earn several times more. 

The draft of the bill sent to the states for their consideration says: “No teacher shall engage in any teaching activity for economic gains other than that (teaching activity) assigned by the supervisor or the employer.” The ban applies to teachers in both government and private schools.

Questions: Is the ban a well thought-out move or not? Will teachers really stop giving tuitions as a result, or will they come up with ways of circumventing it? Will they quit their posts and continue with a more fruitful career outside thus hampering the quality of teaching in schools? Will such a ban help or hamper poor students?