TOM FRIEDMAN: Bangalored on the 4th of July

PRAKASH RAMACHANDRAIAH forwards a Discovery documentary The Other Side of Outsourcing. Reported, written and narrated by three-time Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist, Thomas L. Friedman, the 45-minute documentary tells of his experiences in Bangalore and of his reading about the future of global business.

While Friedman touches upon some of the potential downsides of this shrinking globe, he also points to the potential for a more efficient and level global playing field.

“Globalization 1.0 (AD 1492 to 1800) shrank the world from a size large to a size medium, and the dynamic force in that era was countries globalizing for resources and imperial conquest. Globalization 2.0 (AD 1800 to 2000) shrank the world from a size medium to a size small, and it was spearheaded by companies globalizing for markets and labor. Globalization 3.0 (which started around 2000) is shrinking the world from a size small to a size tiny and flattening the playing field at the same time.”

The following questions arise: Is the world really flat? Do innovations and discovery have no meaning in the world of globalization? Or is the world “flat” only for call centres and BPOs? Is India really contributing to this flat world? Or is it true, as someone put it, that “It’s not a Flat World. It is World of High Quality Low Cost Mountains and Low Quality High Cost Valleys”?