CHURUMURI POLL: Manmohan going, going, gone?

The dramatic decision of Manmohan Singh yesterday to overturn a cabinet decision on disinvestment all by himself has thrown a big question mark over the Prime Minister. Is a serious move afoot in the Congress to undermine Dr Singh? Be it the petrol price hike, be it the increasing prices of essential commodities, be it the reservation issue, or be it the AIIMS episode, the view seems to be gaining ground that the prime minister is not his own man; that he is not being allowed to do what he wants to do. And that some unseen hands in the Congress and outside are striving to make things difficult for him while making good use of his clean reformist image to achieve their own ends.

Questions: How long will Manmohan Singh be able to withstand the caricature of a “weak PM”? With disinvestment now completely off radar, has the countdown begun for his end? Will a frustrated PM throw in the towel and say goodbye one of these days? Should he? Will that be good or bad for the country?

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