MUST READ: Theory of the Absolute Right to Rule

P.V. Indiresan, former director of IIT Madras, has for long told it like it is. He has a fine piece in today’s Indian Express on the Anbumani Ramadoss-motivated move to get rid of AIIMS director P. Venugopal:

“There was a time when people accepted the principle of the Divine Right of Kings. They accepted that, by the accident of birth alone, God had granted kings the right to rule, and rule absolutely… The progress of civilisation has been reversed in our country; a new Theory of Absolute Right to Rule has de facto come into existence, the Absolute Right of Ministers to Rule as they like. Ministers have arrogated to themselves the Absolute Right to deform the Constitution in any way they like… The guardians of the Constitution are systematically destroying it. The political culture today is getting close to the decaying days of the Moghuls when local satraps became a law unto themselves. As the old saying goes: vinaasha kaale viparita buddhih (when doom looms, intelligence runs contrary).