Why Italy’s win is India’s win. (Well, almost.)

PRITAM SENGUPTA writes from New Delhi: For all those gloating over Italy’s victory and moaning over India’s absence from a moment like this—a World Cup presence if not triumph—take heart, we are actually conjoined countries; two nations separated by very little. And their triumph is (almost) ours, give or take the “inner voice”.


12. Italy: five-letter name. India: five-letter name 

11. Italy: red, green, white flag. India: saffron, green, white flag

10. Italy: cradle of Roman civilisation. India: cradle of Indus Valley civilisation

9. Italy: mecca of Catholicism. India: mecca of Hinduism

8. Italy: trademark dish, pizza. India: trademark dish, utthappam

7. Italy: 61 years of being a republic. India: 60 years of freedom

6. Italy: a government-a-year till 1990s. India: a government-a-year since 1990s

5. Italy: corruption is a way of life. India: coruption is a way of life

4. Italy: home of Fiat, Vespa, Lambretta. India: ditto

3. Italy: boys in blue. India: boys in blue

2. Italy: matchfixing allegations in football. India: matchfixing allegations in cricket

1. Italy: Sonia Maino. India: Sonia Gandhi