Six, maybe seven, serial blasts in Mumbai. Five, maybe six, trains affected on the western line. 70, maybe 80, dead acccording to DGP P.S. Pasricha. Home minister Shivaraj Patil is saying that he is going to meet the prime minister Manmohan Singh “and Sonia Gandhi” (as if that is a rule). Cities have been put on red alert across the country, and security will be “beefed up” in the high-security areas.

By tomorrow morning, if not late tonight itself, the BJP will be pointing fingers at the abolition of POTA and calling for a ridiculous bandh. By tomorrow morning, if not late tonight itself, some vague groups will be named, if not the Lashkar-e-Toiba itself. By tomorrow morning, if not late tonight itself, some bakras will be arrested to show the security apparatus in good light. 

Bombay police commissioner A.N. Roy is saying on television that there was no prior intelligence. But, given the regularity with which terror incidents are occuring across the country, given the impunity with which terrorists are targeting temples, mosques, trains, buses, shopping complexes, science labs, do you really believe that the Indian State wants to protect the ordinary Indian citizen?

Have we created a “State” where only the rich and famous, the bold and beautiful and powerful can be secure in their lives? Do we have the manpower, the technology, the resources, the will to ward off terror? Or are we as a culture incapable of water-tight security, which our politicians and bureaucrats and police and intelligence officers are exploiting to the hilt? Is our short memory their only escape-route?

Is terror, in its most devious, destructive form, now moving from the borders into the heart of India? And how much longer will we tolerate this kind of nonchalance from our political and administrative masters?

Do they care? Do you care?