This is precisely why you should elect your MLAs

Proceedings in the august house of the State Legislative Assembly of Karnataka on July 10, 2006, as reported by Kannada Prabha:


N. Cheluvaraya Swamy, JD(S), honourable minister for transport, to A. Krishnappa (Congress): “Taakath iddare horage banni.”

A. Krishnappa to Cheluvaraya Swamy: “Neenu koothko… Nanna hesaru yeke helthya?”

K.S. Eswarappa (BJP), honourable to Ramesh Kumar (Congress): “Hogree. Neevu helodu shastra, thinnodu badane-kayi.”

Ramesh Kumar to D.T. Jayakumar, (JD(S), honourable minister for tourism: “Aviveki. I will kill you.”