Yes, Bombay was terrible. What about Srinagar?

ANUSHUKA RATHOUR writes from Hyderabad: Yes, it’s touching how Mumbaikars have come forward to help out those in distress. Yes, it’s really something we must applaud. And yes, I feel proud when I see Indians reacting this way.

At the same time, it’s a shame—a bloody shame—because our reaction to the Bombay blasts reveals how we have begun weighing human lives differently in different parts of the country.

The seven bomb blasts in Bombay took place around 6.30 pm on July 11. But on the same morning, there were five blasts in Srinagar, killing eight and injuring 14. The grenade blasts in Srinagar happened at 11.50 am. Starting then till about 6.20 pm when the bombs went off in Bombay, the news channels were full of it.

Post 6.20 pm on 7/11, we have hardly heard anything from Srinagar.

It’s all about Bombay now as if Srinagar didn’t happen. It’s as if what happened is routine for the Valley—something that had to happen anway, something that the Kashmiris must live with—but when it happens to Bombay, it makes for bloody news! Live, rolling and endless.