It’s tempting to bomb our neighbours, but…

PRITHVI DATTA CHANDRA SHOBHI writes: A few days have passed since the Bombay and Srinagar blasts. We all have weighed in on how India should respond to the spectre of terrorist violence, with Israel’s strongarm tactics being the preferred option for most.

For nearly a week now, Israel is trying to blast Hizbullah from the face of the earth. Gideon Levy who covered Middle
East for nearly forty years for The Guardian writes a sobering piece on the folly of trying to be the neighborhood bully. Can nation states behave in such a fashion?

Even if strongarm tactics are justified, who does one strike against? In seeking to eliminate Hizbullah terrorists, Israel has to attack Lebanese territories, and even while bombing carefully chosen targets, risk causing large collateral damage to civilians. So airports are destroyed and Lebanese people are killed.

My point is not to blame Israel. It’s a terrible situation to be in, but as Amal Saad-Ghorayeb writes from Beirut in The
 both sides have been playing a terrible and dangerous game, something that doesn’t offer any hopes of a resolution any time soon.

In the meanwhile, can we afford to be neighborhood bullies?