Coming to an airport near you

PDCS writes: Speculative investment in Mysore real estate is nothing new.

Still, have you heard of a Heritage Golf Course being built near Mysore Airport? Most Mysoreans haven’t.

Well informed sources from the Middle East have told us about the new rage in the Gulf: investing in this mythical Heritage Golf Course.

A google search unearthed this link to Harradine Golf promoters (scroll down for Mysore details and photos) and this information about their plans:

Design a master plan to include an 18 hole tournament course, a 9 hole executive course, practice facilities, location and footprints of real estate, club house, hotel, convention center etc. The final plan was approved in December 2005 and tender documents are being prepared for Phase 1 and Phase 2. Construction has been delayed due to issues related to land ownership but is expected to start by November.

After multiple inquiries, we have had to conclude that Mysoreans know nothing about this golf course, whereas Gulf-NRIs seem to have already booked their tickets to land in Mysore Airport and walk over to the Golf Course. No wonder, they are willing to invest millions in the project too. But as usual, oursiders seem to know more and act purposefuly about Mysore and its potential.

What’s up with that?

Has that favorite activity of Mysoreans, the afternoon siesta, got anything to do with it?