Tippu Sultanu, rocket technologiyu and Biryani Politiciansu

PDCS writes: Under the very popular ‘Blame the Damn Politician‘ scheme, Chikkarange Gowda recently asked a very pertinent question:

Why don’t politicians, who spend a fortune on Biryani and Chilli chicken, sponsor and publish in Urdu his book on Tippu Sultan?

Shri Gowda, who is the honorary chairman of two fine Bangalore based organizations Tippu Sultan publicity committee and Kuvempu publicity committee, was addressing a special meeting of (the appropriately named) ‘Tippu self-help societies‘ in Mysore. He apparently has researched Tippu extensively and written a Kannada manuscript, which he would like his Muslim brethern to read. That’s where politicians enter the picture. They aren’t willing to support his project, since all their money is being spent on Biryani and Chilli Chicken.

Gowdre, may I let you in on a secret? Politicians got some change to spare after buying Biryani and that’s usually spent on Scotch. But as you say, they are all idiots and won’t give you a dime.

But, gentle Churumuri reader, the impressive thing about Gowda isn’t just his book manuscript. He also has enough stuff to give a hundred hour long speech on Tippu and he is willing to give that speech if someone were to sponsor the event.Yesterday, as Andolana reports, Chikkarange Gowda found an enthusiastic audience among gentle and generous Mysoreans, who offered to host his hundred hour lecture.

But I ask: what would our world be without obsessively committed people like Shri Gowda. It takes one to recognize another of his tribe.

Also what’s up with hundred hour speeches? I got problems with 45 minute ones! Does this have anything to do with that favorite Indian obsession: Guinness records?

In the meanwhile, an absurdly serious search continues for the Missiles of Mysore. Is this a missing piece of military history or a delusional quest? You tell me.

A senior technocrat and a confidant of President Abdul Kalam, Shivathanu Pillai visited Srirangapattana earlier this week. Newspaper reports referred to many historical truths that Indian scientists have apparently uncovered. According to them, Tippu’s Mysore Kingdom was the first to apply scientific principles to test and perfect rocket and missile technology. Tippu also apparently had a rocket brigade, which was instrumental in defeating the British in 1792. I have nothing against asserting Srirangapattana as the birthplace of modern rocket science and technology. I like Tippu too. He was a good guy. But on the missile thing, show me some credible evidence. That’s all I ask. A lame assertion masquerading as discovery doesn’t cut it as evidence.

But what’s up with trying to prove Tippu and Indians are the pioneers in rocket science. For all our innovation and early start, our rockets still tend to fall into Arabian sea, too frequently for anyone’s comfort.