Admit it, the future of India is with her women

BAPU SATYANARAYANA writes: The former Lokayukta of Karnataka, Justice N. Venkatachala, while speaking in Bangalore earlier this week, has stated that women make better administrators and has exhorted them to use their collective strength to throw out corrupt men.

Let me lend strength to his views by citing one example. I live near the Saraswathipuram main post office. I have been dealing with the post office for the last 15 years. I have great admiration to the staff for their courtesy and efficiency. I attribute this to the simple fact that majority of them are women.

The total strength of the post office is 40. This includes 11 postmen doing the leg work. Of the remaining staff of 29, 25 of them are women—nearly 80%. I have keenly watched them at work. I find them very committed, efficient, courteous and always sporting a pleasant smile, patiently explaining to difficult customers.

Whether it is in the IT sector, banks or most offices, women are more than a match to men. It is this fear that men that has prevented our male Lok Sabha MPs from pressing ahead with the move to reserve 33% seats in Parliament to women.

It is also time that women should be considered for being the President which has been the male preserve. In fact, women Prime Ministers and Presidents have exhibited the streak of toughness for taking firm decisions  and ruling with ruthless. Come to think of it, there are more women gurus than men. And the women Maoists match men in their ruthless cruelty!

It only implies that they excel in every job they take. Certainly, if women take over the affairs of the state they can bring in a wholesome change with a new work culture and put a stop to the rampaging corruption and put men in their place.