In defense of a bad review

PDCS writes: Writing a bad review isn’t a bad thing.

But Aditya Sinha’s review of OMKARA in the Hindustan Times left me wondering about the trash that gets published in newspapers and spoken on TV. The review isn’t online. So be happy with the following animuttugalu:  

So if the violence sucks, how is the sex? Given that Othello revolves around Iago poisoning Othello’s mind with suspicions of Desdemona’s adultery there ought to be a fair amount of it. … This means Kareena’s bare back against Devgan’s bare chest, and some kissing here and there (all in blue tint). At this rate, Indians should be able to see proper sex scene by the year 2050.

So if this passes as analysis, I have no idea how these sentences could ever grace any publication:

Not only is she (Bipasha Basu) a pure animal, but also she is an underrated actor: she is so naughty, you want to get back to HT gym, get a toned body, beat the hell out of John Abraham, and then …. spank her. 

And this final sentence:

Oberoi is so bad that he can’t even mouth the songs properly, and you are left wondering how anyne would suspect this ch****a of sleeping with their girlfriend. What a waste.

Indeed, Mr. Sinha. What a waste. We would prefer if you keep your private fantasies where they belong.