Wake up call

PDCS writes: I must admit that it was gratifying to read Star of Mysore reports on a brain storming session by Muslim leaders, bureaucrats and intellectuals this weekend in Mysore. The list of participants is also impressive: Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Rehman Khan, former Union Minister C.K. Jaffer Shariff, Labour Minister Iqbal Ansari, former Ministers Qamarul Islam, B.B. Hindasgeri, Sageer Ahmed, B.M. Moinuddin, former CFTRI Director Dr. H.A.B. Parpia, KSRP DIG U. Nissar Ahmed, IAS Officers Zameer Pasha and Mohd. Sananullah, KAS officers Mohd. Ali Khan and S.N.H. Rizwi, former Vice-Chancellor Dr. B. Sheikh Ali, MP Iqbal Ahmed, Congress MLC Saleem Ahmed and the list goes on.

The objective of the brainstroming session was to address the suspcion with which the community is viewed in light of terrorism and bring Muslims to national mainstream. One can not overemphasize both the urgency and necessity of this task. Terror and the threat of random violence have to be addressed not just by the state. Civil society has an equally significant role to play. We tend to be skeptical of religious or caste meetings, perhaps rightly so. But to address the threat of terror, we have to explore all avenues and all paths.

Let us hope that the Muslim elite will pursue its objectives sincerely and diligently.