Namma nadu Kannada, namma nudiyu Kannada

PDCS writes: Yesterday, Mysore’s Kannada intellectuals and activists were in the streets again, demanding the status of classical language to Kannada. Here is a comprehensive report in the Hindu on yesterday’s events. Their chosen target this time was the Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), which as its director Dr. Uday Narayan Singh rightly pointed out does not have the statutory authority to accord the status.

Anyway, today’s controversy isn’t about where Prof. Jaware Gowda and his friends chose to protest. Dr. Singh, who was out of town, responded to the demands of the agitators in English, which has made Prof. Gowda mad. He wants Dr. Singh to be removed from his position for not knowing/learning Kannada.

Is it incumbent upon the Director of CIIL, a Central government entity or its employees to learn Kannada?

Moreover, while chasing the classical language status for Kannada, are we ignoring much needed work that needs to be done to bring Kannada language and culture into the twenty first century?

In that sense, do we need to emulate and support entities such as, Kannada Ganaka Parishat and, all of which are doing interesting and valuable work?

Is it then time for us to begin a new discussion on the Kannada Kattuva Kelasa, as B M Shri famously said nearly a hundred years ago? Will that task involve seeking classical language status for Kannada?

Time for a new Churumuri campaign / brainstorming, I think.