When Dean Jones threw up a second time

PDCS writes: I sincerely hope that Dean Jones never comes back to the subcontinent again, in any capacity. He had displayed his ignorance consistently, while competing with Kiran More to be the worst commentator that I have had the privilege of listening to. But by calling the South African batsman Hashim Alva Amla a terrorist, he has shown himself to be an ignorant bigot.

This is not a stupid mistake. This is not an innocent joking remark a white man would make. This is the sort of ignorance which breeds intolerance and alienates good, moderate people.

Such comments have no place in cricket.

Such people have no place in cricket.

I sincerely hope Ten sports, ESPN-STAR, ZEE, Sahara, Doordarshan and PTV will overcome their white skin fetish while hiring commentators.

In 1986, Dean Jones was widely praised for his courageous double hundred. This time around, we have to say: shame on you, Dean Jones.