JOKE OF THE WEEK: The Bengali & the Sardarji

MURALI KRISHNAN writes from New Delhi: A Sardarji and a Bengali, both suffering from serious diseases, share the
same room in a hospital. They were violently ill and both could not even utter a word.

After a few days of living together, the Bengali gets really bored and wants to start off a conversation with his fellow patient.

He realizes that he has not enough energy left to say a sentence; so he just attempts to say a word.

After much effort he turns to the Sardarji, points his finger towards himself and says “Bengali”.

Sardarji doesn’t want to let the poor Bengali down who has struggled so hard to start a conversation.

Sardarji musters all his energy and says “Punjabi” gesturing the same way as Bengali did.

Bengali is happy now and wants to continue the conversation. After much more effort this time he says, again pointing his finger towards himself “Sharath Bose

Sardarji after some effort says “Devindar Singh“.

Bengali is even happier that they now know each other’s names.

After some time, Bengali turns towards Sardarji and mustering all his energy says “Cancer”—again doing the same gesture as before.

Sardarji smiles and with some effort says “Aquarius”.