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ASHWIN KRISHNA writes: We  are a bunch of youngsters [from NIE and SJCE] who are volunteering for an organization called Divyadeepa Trust in Mysore.

Divyadeepa is a nonprofit irganization started with the aim of transforming physically, emotionally,
economically, educationally or socially challenged children (PESC children) into self reliant citizens of India by
giving them food, shelter, care, love, empathy and quality education.

After its inception, Divyadeepa is also involved in community development, youth and women empowerment, environmental awareness.

Inspired by the ideals of Sri Aurobindo & Swami Vivekananda, Divyadeepa initiated its service activities in a
small village called Srirampura on the outskirts of Mysore during 1992.

Kaliyuva Mane [a Kannada word which means “Learning Home”], an alternative school, is a logical sequel to Divyadeepa’s initiatives.

Children who fail to reach the desired educational standards due to illiteracy, ignorance and poverty of parents, lack of infrastructure in the village schools are given a new hope of life, by providing value based education including yoga, arts, crafts, music, drama, environmental awareness programs.

At present 22 children[8 residential and 14 day scholars] found love, empathy but also brothers and sisters.

If you wish to help us please click on

Please visit for more info. We
request you to please spare your time and go through the web site and contribute, It could be in the form of money or otherwise, could be one time or periodically but please do help. Even if one of you contributes it would be a great help for those kids.

Lets us join hands in this noble task of giving a new life to those shattered dreams of abandoned kids.